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About us

Our story

began hand-making individual and unique jewellery, personalized rubber stamps, and greeting cards for family and friends in year 2015.

LAND OF FANTASY was officially born because of a conversation we had with friends about the lack of flair and innovation around pearl jewellery design. When we talked about what were people struggling with on the current pearl jewellery gifting market, we all felt that pearl jewellery was too traditional, and lacking in imagination and personal touch with quite high pricing.


Gift that makes differences

As a Birmingham-based independent studio, our mission is to make gift shopping easier, enjoyable and meaningful.

We offer a wide range of products through a constant differentiation in design, quality, service, experience and price to create the LAND OF FANTASY universe, from jewellery, accessories, greeting cards to home deco.

Jewellery is always a timeless way to express passion and love.

Best known for our PEARL jewellery which is elegant with a touch of character, stylish with a sense of fun. It showcases a more creative and contemporary take on traditional pearl jewellery. Our jewellery could be worn in the most individual and unique way. Mix, play, and wear it any way you like.

We also offer custom services such as handmade greeting cards, hand carved rubber stamps, and hand embroidery hoops to complete a more individualized gifting experience. You can do one stop exclusive gift shopping here.



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